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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Unemployed moving from ny to ct?

i guess my question is this i receive unemployment from the state of NY i

DBS ATM disruption in July 2010 - where will the buck stop?


DBS has already blamed IBM. Who will IBM blame? One of their vendors perhaps? And who will the vendor then blame? Where will the buck stop? And when?
blame OSAMAA

I have a question to all employers or people that do the interviews or hiring for their company?

What things when someone comes in the door to pick up a application do you look at or try to take note of? During the interview what things do you watch or keep an eye on the applicant for? For instance is it true that you look at the persons hair,body shape(fat or skinny),earings,nails,tattoos,what they are wearing,what kind of car they pulled up in,who they came with,how their handwriting looks on a application,how the person carries themselves or what things are definate if you will,turn offs to you as a future employer? On a resume what things might you see that will be like absolutely a no on getting hired? If you expect to gain new employees how do you expect them to have experience in a certain job or type of work if you will not hire them and give them a chance? I understand that there is not much time to fiddle faddle with people who simply do not want to work and

After graduating with a university degree, how many times did you have to apply to a firm before u got a job?

It depends if the firm gets the application or resume. If not, you may have to send it again until you get a confirmation that it was sent. Then, you either wait or move on to another firm for consideration.

Recommend me please the nicest way to buy pressboard classification folders?


What jobs that generally are the most popular at singapore?

especially in areas such?

How to create my own websites?


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